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Information Technology (IT) related Bangladesh Standards

BSTI has adopted 23 IT related ISO/TEC standards as Bangladesh Standards. Besides these are three IT related Standards which were developed by BCC for Bangladesh Government. All public Institutions and private organizations, especially IT & ITES companies are strongly advised to follow these standards while taking up IT related projects for developing IT Products or services. List of the Standards are given bellow:


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Information technology – Identification cards – On-card biometric comparison -Cover Page

BDS ISO/IEC 24787:2014ISO/IEC 24787:2010


Information  technology – Vocabulary – Part  1: fundamental  terms

ISOAEC  2382-l  :  1993  (E/F)


Information  technology – Vocabulary – Part 25: Local  area networks

ISOAEC  2382-25  :  1992  (E/F)


Information  technology  -  Vocabulary – Part  27: Office Automation

ISO/IEC  2382-27:1994(E/F)


Information  technology – Program constructs and  conventions  for  their  representation

SO/IEC  8631  :  1989  (E)


Information technology – Security techniques – Entity authentication – Part 1: General

ISO/IEC 9798-1:2010(E)


Information technology – Security techniques – Entity authentication – Part 2: Mechanisms using symmetric encipherment algorithms

ISO/IEC 9798-2:1999(E)


Information  technology – Security techniques – Entity  authentication – Part  3: Mechanisms  using  digital  signature techniques

ISO/lEC  9798-3:  1998(E)


Information  technology – Representation for  human  communication  of  state transition  of  Software

ISO/IEC  11411  z  l995(E)


Information  technology – Software packages – Quality  requirements and testing

lSO/IEC  12119:1994  (E)


Information  technology – Procedure for the registration  of  identifiers and attributes for  volume and file  structure



Information technology – Software productEvaluation Part 1: General overview

ISO/IEC 14598-1:1999(E)


Software engineering – Product evaluation – Part 2: Planning and management

ISO/IEC 14598-2:2000(E)


Software engineering – Product evaluation – Part 3: Process for developers

ISO/IEC 14598-3:2000(E)


Software engineering – Product evaluation – Part 4: Process for acquirers

ISO/IEC 14598-4:1999(E)


Information technology – Software productevaluation – Part 5: Process for evaluators

ISO/IEC 14598-5:1998(E


Software engineering – Product evaluation – Part 6: Documentation of evaluation modules

ISO/IEC 14598-6:2001(E)


Information technology – Software Maintenance

ISO/IEC 14764:1999(E)


Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems – Requirements

ISO/IEC 27001:2005(E)


Information technology – Security techniques – Code of practice for information security management

ISO/IEC 27002:2005(E)


Information technology – Guidelines for the management of software documentation

ISO/IEC TR 9294:2005(E)


Information technology – Categorization of Software

ISO/IEC TR 12182:1998(E)


Information technology – Software engineering – Guidelines for the adoption of CASE tools

ISO/IEC TR 14471:1999(E)


National Keyboard (Bengali) Layout

BDS 1738:2018


Specification for Bangla Coded Character Set for Information Interchange

BDS 1520:2018


Bangla Keypad for Mobile Phone

BDS 1834:2011

27 Bangladesh Standard Code for Information Interchange (BSCII) BDS 1935:2018



If you  need any help in adopting/using these Standards Contact to BSTI

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